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’A life as nature’ Yoogendou Traditional Chinese Medicine

The main theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine was found in Han dynasty about 2000 years ago. All lives on the earth are continually changing according to the rhythm of nature that is caused by moving of the sun, the moon and other stars in cosmos. A human body adapts itself to the seasons, so as in spring trees bud, it changes into a spring body. All things in nature are in the common rhythm without exception. It is believed the homeostasis of human life is up to five organs(heart, lung, spleen, liver and kidney) that adapt the body to the cosmic rhythm. And we keep our lives by getting the Qi(vital energy) of the heaven through breathing and that of the earth through foods as others’ lives. Also it is necessary the channels(a stream of Qi and blood) run regularly between the five organs. Herbal medicine with supreme Qi activates the weakened body. Acupuncture and Moxibustion restores the abnormal channels caused by disease.
Diagnosis based on pulse; We make much of the diagnosis. We try to get the detail information on your disease and ask about your daily condition as well. Especially we think much of the pulse that shows the inside state of your body. The diagnosis of belly and that of tongue are also important.

Chinese Herb

We keep our lives through taking the lives of animals and plants in nature. In the same way the herbs with supreme ability relieves us from disease. Every herb has a taste and Qi. The five kinds of tastes that are sour, bitter, sweet, hot and salty encourage each five organs that are liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney. Qi that is classified cold, hot and middle controls fiver in the body. If adequate herbal medicines against the disease are prescribed based on right diagnosis, the door for recovery is opened just as a key coincides with the key hole.

< The way to take medicine> Foods also have tastes and Qi. So, you try to take medicines when your stomach is empty. One hour before meals is most effective. You should take them two or three times a day if chronic disease, but every two hours if an acute disease like a cold. An amount of 20cc each time and making it warm is effective.

<Charge>600 yen per day. But there are some exceptions that are made of expensive materials.

Acupuncture & Moxibustion treatment

Treatment at the points on channels (stream of Qi and blood ). We think the imbalance between the five organs gives trouble to the channels and it leads to make disease invade into a body. The channels that connect the five organs like a ring provide Qi, blood and nutrition to whole of the body. So, getting back the channels normal encourages the natural recovering ability.

Use your own needles or disposal needles against virus. You don’t feel painful. Pain gives bad influence to the channel stream. So as to control Qi, it is enough to use the needles just like touching on the skin. Thin needles are used even though they get into the body. Warm moxibustion is used to make the body relaxed instead of hot one. It can boost the effect of treatment.

<How often treatment necessary?> Several days continually if an acute disease. Once or twice a week if a chronic disease. Every other week to keep healthy.

<Charge> Channel treatment only about 20minutes 3,000yen Channel + diseased parts treatment about 50minutes 6,000yen.
* First treatment fee is free.

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